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Stories of Spirit…Spontaneous Opening to Spirit [psychic evolution]

Last night I witnessed a spontaneous opening to Spirit.  I was doing a Seance for a small group of people, when one of them began to act strangely; displaying a high level of emotion and the need to say or do something; as if directed by another.  Being a Medium, I could clearly see that they had a Spirit next to them (Beloved Dead/family member), pushing on them if you will…trying to get them to open up and connect personally.  Rare as moments like this are; it was not the first time I have witness such, nor will it be the last.  Spontaneous opening to Spirit happens when an Energetically Sensitive person is exposed to high levels of Spiritual energy.  I know it sounds like something out of a Sci-fi novel, but bare with me…I will explain.

Energetically Sensitive people, have an awareness of the unseen world; often picking up on the emotions & surface thoughts of others…seeing, hearing, and knowing things that others can not.

When an Energetically Sensitive person comes in contact with high levels of Spiritual energy, it can force them to open up to their own potential; raising their energetic vibration.  This expansion of consciousness is different for everyone.  We do not all have the same latent potential; some of us are more Empathic, some better Communicators with otherworldly beings, some more natural at Healing.  Exposure to Spiritual energy comes in different forms; such as that of a person (Psychic, Healer, Medium, etc.), place (ley lines, sacred space), or experience (large group of people doing Spiritual things).  This is best explained through violins…yes, violins.

If you have two tuned violins in the same room, and you begin to play one of them, the other will start to vibrate and make sound without being played.  Humans like violins, respond to energy/vibration.  When we are exposed to energetic beings and spaces that vibrate at a higher frequency then us, we seek to adjust…to bring our vibration up to the higher level.  I do not know why we seek to advance/adjust to the higher vibration, instead of sinking down to the lower, but I assume it has to do with Evolution.

I have been talking a lot about Psychic Evolution/Ascension lately; as it is my belief (as well as that of many others), that the Human Race, is becoming more Intuitive.  The shifting of our planet, the influence of climate change, cosmic interference, the 100 monkey effect; there are so many reasons we could come up with for why…but the fact remains, that more and more people are experiencing a shift in their perception.  I have worked publicly as a Psychic for over a quarter of a century.  When I began offering Readings to the public, approximately 2 in 10 of the people I Read for, experienced Psychic phenomenon somewhat regularly…Now it’s more like 6 in 10.  For some this is an exciting, desired thing, but for others it is scary and unwanted.

As we evolve as a species, we are developing a heightened sense of awareness.  I believe this is in part due to technology.  The internet, and all our ‘at the fingertip’ devices, have led us to believe that the knowledge we seek is ours at a snap of the finger, or more appropriately; a swipe of the screen.  Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters, that what we believe possible…we create.  So it is not that hard to see how the easy access of information, granted by the internet, can effect the consciousness of our species.  I personally think this is a good thing, I believe that heightened awareness, and the ability to feel others, has the potential to make us kinder, more thoughtful people.  But the road there is going to be bumpy.  We are harbingers of change, and considering how most people feel about change…that means discomfort.

So what does a Spontaneous Opening to Spirit look like?

This is a big question, as people can experience it differently.  I will do my best to be thorough in my explanation.  First off, a person experiencing a Spontaneous Opening to Spirit, is not prepared for it…hence why it is called spontaneous.  It comes on, without much forewarning.  Most people will describe feeling a sudden surge of energy within their body.  They may become hyper aware of their surroundings, including the functions of their own body.  There may be a feeling of trembling, shaking or cold, as energy moves through the Chakra system more freely then normal.  They may feel that they can see, hear, and feel more intensely.  They may also feel or sense other beings/Spirits around them.  These Spirits may be of humans/the Dead, or they may be of nature.  There may be a heightened awareness of others; their emotions, energy and thoughts.  Experiences of visions, deep knowing and past life memories are also common.

What you need to know…

Experiencing a Spontaneous Opening of Spirit can be a bit scary; as it is a brush with the unknown.  Some people become so overwhelmed they feel the need to run to the hospital.  If you feel your life in endangered, or that you do not have the ability to judge if it so…please seek medical help.  However, if you do not feel immanent danger you may want to refrain from such actions; as they will most likely think you are having a psychotic break, and treat you as such.  With the understanding that you can contact help at any time you feel the need, I would first suggest trying a few grounding techniques first.

*Sit or lay down with a straight back, allowing energy to move freely through your Chakra system (the energetic system that runs up your spine).

*Begin to breathe deeply and smoothly through your nose, fully inhaling and exhaling.  Putting your focus on your breathe.

* Imagine a small white light deep in the center of your chest cavity/Heart Chakra.  As you breathe deeply through your nose, imagine that white light spreading out from the center.  With every breathe, the white light gets bigger; until it is completely surrounding your body.  That white light represents your soul/your higher self.  It is expanding to fill your body and bring balance.

*Now become aware of your feet.  Feel how heavy they are, how connected they are to the ground…with every breathe, imagine your feet getting heavier and heavier, until that heaviness moves up into your knees…keep breathing and focusing on the heaviness until you feel it all the way into your pelvis.

*With a strong personal Spirit (white light from your heart) and a strong foundation (heavy feet & pelvis), begin to examine your experience.  Do you still feel frightened or overwhelmed?  If so, contact a wise friend and share with them your experience.  If you know someone who works in alternative health, they are a good choice for advice.

*When you have centered and balanced yourself, begin to look at the experience you are having with a new light.  Ask yourself some big questions, such as-Do I feel safe?  What exactly do I feel (what sensations are you experiencing)?  Do I see, feel, or sense another being near me? If so, do I feel they are here to help, or here to harm?  Do I want to continue having these experiences?

One of the best things we can do, when developing Psychically is to ask lots of questions.

*Make sure to document your experience, write it down or record it audibly.  But keep track, so that you can review it when you are not feeling it.  Logic is an important factor.

Most Spiritual opening is not isolated.  When it begins to happen for you, it will most likely do so again.  It is a good idea to consult with a professional Psychic, Counselor, or Healer.  Remember to choose wisely here.  A bad Psychic is most likely a fraud, and a bad Counselor will most likely go straight to crazy.  But have no fear, there are good Psychics out there, and there are good Counselors out there.  The world is changing and we as a whole are starting to see that there is more then meets the eye.  I hope that this bit, has been of some help.  I am sure it has left you with many more questions, and I will keep on writing and trying to give guidance.  Got questions…drop me a line.

spreading love-salicrow

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