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Stories of Spirit…She Who Walks on Wounded Foot [ego, perspective & judgement]

So…I messed up my foot on Friday; in a bizarre, delayed-reaction incident that left me with compressed tendons.  Long story short, I have been limping around all weekend with a swollen, sore foot.  This morning, my Dad (who is dead) suggested I go pick up his walking stick from my sisters house.  It was a great idea since I had an appointment that required a bit of walking.  It was also an interesting observation in ego, perspective and judgement.

First of all, I noticed how many people didn’t look at me.  They simply looked away, when they saw me shuffling down the sidewalk.  I couldn’t help but think, that this would be different if I had a cast on my foot or was walking with crutches.  The walking stick & shuffle, noticeably caused people discomfort in looking at me…like they were seriously hoping they would not have to interact with me & my noticeable ailment.

Second I noticed the individuals who went out of their way to help me…open doors, carry my basket, assist me in some way.  This is where my ego came in…I wanted to tell them that I was fine & to stop noticing my ailment.  I am a perfectly capable person.

And, third not to be overlooked is judgement.  As a Psychic I not only have awareness of my own judgement, but the judgement of others.  I was observing & judging the people who looked away & the people who opened doors.  The passerby’s were quick to judge me as well…capable, not capable, poor thing, etc.  They were not harsh judgement, but the simple judgement we all make all the time.  The quick diagnosis of another’s situation.

For me it was a deeply introspective experience.  I am a fast walking, fast talking, mobile kind of gal.  To be the slow moving, put-putter with an obvious handicap shined some light on how we interact with each other.  I have talked before about my “say it how it is” mentality.  I am the girl who asked my color-blind friend, what color my dress was.  I didn’t do it to hurt her, I did it because I genuinely wanted to know her story & understand what I could of her reality.  To be the object of the look away mentality/invisible mentality was humbling.  Not that I wanted to be asked by every passerby what was wrong with me.  That would have been alarming and weird, but to be invisible was hard & I only have to do it for a wee bit.  Some people have to live their lives with this as their reality.

As a Medium, I come in contact with dozens of  Spirits on a weekly basis.  One of the ways they describe themselves is through their handicaps, medical & mental challenges and oddities.  It is what makes us unique & it is a huge part of our story as physical beings.  These oddities make the Spirit unique & often shape the story they live.  I invite you to see yourself through this mirror.  How do you perceive your limitations & the limitations of others?  How do these limitations effect your life and the way that you treat others.  I hope you enjoy the read Folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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