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Stories of Spirit…Psychic Amnesia

I am a multi sensory Medium, which means Spirits can communicate with me through multiple means.   I see, smell, hear, and feel spirit as well as receive messages directly in my mind like a form of telepathy.  How a Spirit chooses to communicate has more to do with the individual Spirit then it does with me.  Some Spirits talk directly to me, which allows me to repeat things they are saying verbatim.  Others show me images, kind of like watching a slide show of their life.  Most use a combination of both, speaking to me and showing me things.  When working as a Medium I am sharing this information with people in whatever way it comes to me.

When Spirits present themselves for communication I first notice them with my eyes.  I see them standing next to their family member, how close they stand to their living family shows me a lot about their relationship.  Sometimes they have their arms around their living or a hand on their shoulder.  They may sit down right beside them or stand a ways back.  When doing Gallery Spirit Communication or Seances, it is helpful for them to be standing by their loved ones.  It makes the event move smoothly, as I know who they are looking for.  When I see them standing near their living loved one, I simultaneously see them with my physical eye and my minds eye.  I can see a shadow of them with my eyes; showing me how tall & broad they are, and basic features.  The details such as what kind of clothing they are wearing, hair color, age, etc are being shown to me in  my minds eye.  As both of these things are happening simultaneously, its hard to separate what information comes from my eyes & what from telepathy.

When attending a Spirit Communication event such as a Seance of Gallery Reading the living often come in a highly emotional state.  They have been looking forward to the communication & fear that the loved one they so dearly want to hear from will not come.  This high emotional state can cause people to experience Psychic Amnesia.  I have seen it many times, but one time stands out more then the rest.

I was doing a Gallery Spirit Communication event for about 40 people.  When doing Gallery events, I start by bringing the living guest from the crowd to the front of the room where I can direct my attention on them.  This makes it so the crowd can also get a clear view of what is happening…making it personal and interesting to the whole Gallery at the same time.  At this particular event I found myself drawn to a lady in the back of the crowd.  She had a man standing close to her, as I approached her I said.  There is a man standing next to you, who is a friend.  He has died recently.  She shook her head and said she had not lost any friends recently.  At first I was confused, this had never happened before.  I looked around the people close to her and asked if anyone there had recently lost a male friend, in his late 50’s.  They all said no.  The Spirit then told me again he was connected to the lady I had first approached, so I asked her again…”He says he is here to see you, are you sure you have not lost anyone recently?”  As she again said No, her friend next to her gently shook her arm and said “Actually, you have.”  She reminded her friend that recently a close friends husband had passed.  With this gentle reminder the lady teared up, remembering that she had indeed lost a friend…her best friends husband had recently passed.  When I brought her to the front of the room, her friends husband told us how he had passed of Cancer and described some other small things about his life.  He then went on to give her a message he hoped she would deliver to his wife who he loved very much.

Psychic Amnesia is the main reason I encourage people to record their Spirit Communication sessions.  Over the years I have received many phone calls weeks later from clients telling me that they remembered or figured out the bits that didn’t make sense at our meeting.  It’s important when working with a Medium that you feel the messages you are receiving are genuine and speak to your heart.  That being said, do not disregard the bits that don’t originally make sense.   Remember that under emotional pressure we often forget things, it’s normal.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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