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Stories of Spirit…Meteors, Energetic Download, and Psychic Evolution…Oh, my!

So everyone is chatting about he Meteor that flew over New England,  Monday night.  It made headline news, and a ton on Facebook status updates; after it exploded into fireball action, lighting up the sky & carrying a sonic boom.  I happened to sleep through it, and found myself a bit bummed out yesterday; having missed it.  Then as I laid down to sleep last night; I remembered that I went to sleep on Monday night, with a terrible headache in my 3rd eye.  In fact, I had told my husband; that I needed to go to bed because my 3rd eye was wide open & I was experiencing an energetic download.

Energetic Download- is when we receive information from the Universe, God/Goddess, Other-worldly Beings, or Spirits, in such a rapid manner that we do not know what we are receiving.  Just like when you download a new program on your computer.  You may know what the basic program is, but you are not reading it line by line.  The information is being rapidly transferred, for later use.

This is not my first time around the block, nor is it my first energetic download…so I can recognize it when it is happens.  My first conscious Energetic Download happened when I was 30, during the November Incident (when I had a mass awakening to Spirit).  I remember laying in bed many nights, with my body highly infused with energy, and knowing that I was receiving information that I would want or need at a later time.

What does it feel like to have an Energetic Download?

That’s a big question, as it can be different for different people.  But I have found from talking to others, that there are some things that seem to be similar in most people.  For one…there is a feeling of Other, as if you are connected to another being or source.  It is generally not frightening, in fact most are welcoming to the experience, even if they don’t understand it.  It is as if the information coming in resonates with your being, in a way that you know it is for the best.  I know this can sound a bit wack-a-doodle, but bare with me, and please remember…you are reading the blog of a woman who makes her living talking to the Dead.  That alone can sound wack-a-doodle, but it’s not…it’s just not common.  So back to the experience.  Another common description of Energetic Download; is a feeling of having too much energy in your body.  Kind of like being plugged into an electrical current.  We may also, feel pressure in our 3rd eye (located between your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead), or at the crown of our head.  Sometimes people will feel cold, hot, or static electricity…much like the sensations felt when receiving an intense Reiki session.  It is also common, to have difficulty sleeping when downloading energetically.

Why is it happening?

This is the real question, the one that makes us go hmmm.  I believe it is happening as part of the Psychic Evolution, we are experiencing as a race.  I have talked about it before, and am sure I will talk about it many, many, more times…our world is going through a tremendous change, and we are included in that change.  The only way to survive global change of this nature is to evolve.  We need to become more aware, more connected, and more empathetic to the world around us.  Not just to the other humans; although that is a good start, but also to the planet itself. Climate change is no longer considered a theory, even the most closed off people can not deny that the world is in peril.  There is war, natural disaster and man made disaster on a freakin-enormous scale, happening all around us.  Now, I am not a fear monger, nor do I believe we are helpless.  But I do believe we no longer have the luxury of sitting on our asses, watching the boob-tube, and pretending everything is just fine.  We came into this life time to be active participants in change.  By embracing it, we lessen our struggle, and bring peace into our lives and the lives of others.

Why are you talking about this now?

I am talking about this, as I do not believe I am the only one to have had a restless night; on the night the meteor went streaming by.  Nor do I believe that I am the only person on the planet, experiencing a Spiritual Awakening.  I believe we all our to some degree.  Some of us, will fight it tooth & nail, preferring to sedate ourselves, or believe we are riding the Crazy Train.  But most of us, are aware that something just outside our realm of consciousness is happening.  It can be scary, it can be exciting…but any way you serve it, it will demand you change.

What is the best way to find our center, in times of Spiritual Awakening and Energetic Download?

Journaling is a great tool, when we are traveling in unknown waters.  It is the biggest reason why adventurers keep logs…they are experiencing the unknown, and documentation is crucial.  The process of Awakening or Psychic Evolution, will most likely happen in bits an spurts.  You will have moments when you feel like your senses are on overload….everything looks, feels, smells, and sounds a bit more intense.  These moments of direct input are not for figuring things out.  They are for experiencing.  Writing the experiences down in your journal, will give you something to contemplate and examine when things settle down.  Have a good support team.  It does not need to be a large support team, one good friend with an open mind is a treasure in times of Spiritual change.  I also highly recommend Energetic Body-work, when going through personal Psychic Evolution.  Think outside of yourself….even if you are a Reiki Master, it is more helpful to have someone else work on you at such times.  Balancing ones energetic body is key to remaining calm and centered.  Exercises such as Yoga, Thai Chi, and most Martial Arts are also helpful, as they help us bring our own body to center.  If you feel that things you are experiencing are way to difficult for you to process, and you feel a bit scared…call a trusted Psychic, open-minded Counselor, or Alternative Healer.

Thanks for reading Folks-I would love to hear what you have to say.  Did you see the Meteor?  Did you feel it?  Did you experience anything out of the ordinary over the last few days?

spreading love-salicrow

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