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Stories of Spirit…Fear-the Soul Killer

Fear destroys us from the inside out, often directing us to act in ways contrary to our nature.  Most people consider themselves to be kind, generous and forgiving.  But, fear has a way of blocking our compassion; making us selective in whom we dispense it to.  Fear is the voice that speaks, telling us how different we are from ‘them’.  Fear rationalizes and schemes; giving us excuses and confirmation as needed…justifying our cause.

Bravery is going forward in the face of Fear…it is doing the right thing, even when we are afraid.

Living in the United States, I feel blessed that I can voice my opinion freely on the things I believe in & I respect the rights of others to do the same.  In the wake of the latest tragedy (France), the internet has been a fire with peoples opinions.  I first sat back, thinking I did not want to get involved in the debates.  But as time went by, I felt the need to speak.  Not on whether this person is right for wanting to take in Syrian Refugees, or that person is right for wanting tighter border control.  I realized that what I really wanted to talk about was FEAR.

As a Druid; part of the training I went through was geared around facing my fears.  For the personal things that challenged my being, creating a fight or flight response were my teachers.  It is believed in Druidry; like in many Spiritual practices, that one must face their fears to gain personal power.  For the fortress we fear entering, indeed holds the best treasure; knowing ourselves.  I would be lying if I told you that I no longer experience fear.  I experience fear in regards to the security of my life and those I hold dear; just like the rest of you.  But in facing my fears, I no longer let my fear hold power over my decisions.  When fear shows it’s ugly face…I examine it and decide whether it merits my attention or not.

The world we live in is changing before our very eyes.  From a pragmatic point of view, resources are drying up…the planet will inevitably be unable to sustain itself at it’s current usage.  In plain speak, it means water, food & oil are running short.  That being said, I still believe we have time to make changes & create a better home.  I am an optimist & feel that there are many good, strong, BRAVE, people out there working toward a better world.  I believe what is most needed, the thing that can truly have a shot at changing the whole lot…is compassion.  WE NEED to start looking at the world through the green-healing glasses of compassion.  We need to start treating others with the compassion we would want shown to us in a time of need.  It is true that there are some evil-mother-fuckers out there in the world.  People who are seeking to cause as much destruction & chaos as they can.  But those villains exist in all fractions of the world, they are not selective to one particular race or religion.  These bad apples/super-villains of our reality, are not the masses.  The masses, the common people…  They generally do not have a side, they like you and I…are more concerned with feeding their children & providing shelter for their wives & mothers, husband & fathers.

I really hope you take some time to think on this.  And to ask yourself, “what am I most afraid of?”  Me-I am afraid that at the time when the quality of my person is in question, I would let fear stop me from making the right decision.  I like security, don’t get me wrong.  But if the price of my security means that I have to set back and watch others suffer…I choose to take the hand of fate & release security.  I mean to pass no judgement in this bit.  I simply ask you to think on the choices you make & the values you stand on.  Whatever our religious and spiritual beliefs we are accountable for our actions.  Walk bravely…

spreading love-salicrow

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