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My second interview on OPEN MINDS with Regina Meredith just went live on the Gaia Network!

Renowned medium and author Salicrow rejoins Regina Meredith to delve into the realm of spirit communication in her latest book, Spirit Speaker: A Medium's Guide to Death and Dying. Shedding light on the distinctions between psychics and mediums, Salicrow offers unique perspectives on bridging the gap between life and death. Expand your understanding of existence on both sides of the veil and explore the profound transitions of life's ultimate journey.

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While you're there make sure to check out my first interview on OPEN MINDS that aired last November. One of the exciting things about this episode is that it was their most-viewed episode to date!

How can we connect with the etheric elemental beings controlling our natural world? Psychic medium Salicrow has been on a path of extrasensory perception for her entire life, entering mediumship at a young age and connecting individuals on all sides of our reality through harmony within nature. Salicrow helps bridge the gaps between elemental forces of unseen realms (such as energies, elves, gnomes, and the fae) to empower individuals' extended perceptions of the natural world. She offers insight on how we can stay grounded during trying times by uniting with spirit through intentions and mindfulness.

Salicrow is a psychic medium, seer, and author of the book The Path of Elemental Witchcraft: a Wyrd Woman's Book of Shadows.

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