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spinning the wheel of fortune

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Luck Be a Lady Tonight! No matter how much we plan, plot and maneuver we are all affected by the winds of chance. Opportunities, mishaps, and unseen obstacles all exist outside the realm of our schedules and schismatics, making nothing absolute!

When doing Readings for people I often start by telling them that nothing is set in stone, that this is what will happen if you stay on the path you are on. But even if we stay true to our path, there are moments when our lives are affected by outside influences and chance happenings. This chaos is what proves we are not living out a programmed existence in which our fate is predetermined. Instead, life is more of a woven thing of interconnected lines, much like a spiderweb. For every path, we follow there are parallel realities, showing things that could be. When doing a reading we are simply observing the path the querent (person receiving the reading) is most likely to take. If we see this path is leading to disaster we can advise them of alternate routes or ways they can think and act differently.

The Wheel of Fortune is the essence of luck itself! It represents the collective energy of possibility that swarms around us at all times. How it appears in a reading, the position it takes, and the feeling the reader gets while looking at it greatly determine how that luck will play out. In the simplest term spinning The Wheel of Fortune is much like gambling; as the direction in which it stands is not determined by merit, instead it is filled with the mystery of chance.

Some people are luckier than others and the wheel always seems to spin in their favor, while others have a history of bad luck, noting that random opportunities seldom fall in their favor. Most of us, however, fall somewhere in the middle with experiences on both sides of the wheel; knowing her blessings as well as her bane.

I often imagine The Wheel of Fortune as a sentient being, a collective consciousness of opportunities granted and destroyed, with a sophisticated understanding of what is really needed in our personal realities. In this sense I guess I don't believe The Wheel is random, just as luck itself is not! While it can appear to be random and outside of fate, destiny, and predetermined plans, it is in fact more of a free agent with the ability to push us in the direction we need in as opposed to the direction we seek. For even when The Wheel of Fortune seems to be spinning out bad luck in our direction, following the path further down the way it is often revealed that what we saw as shit luck actually helped us get out of situations that were not truly in our favor.

When The Wheel of Fortune shows up in your readings this is often a sign that what you desire, plan and plot for is also under the viewing eye of fate. If the Wheel shows up in your readings upright or with a feeling of optimism take heart because LUCK IS IN YOUR FAVOR! However, if The Wheel is spinning in opposition to your desires (reversed, or carrying a feeling of restraint) instead of bulling your way forward, ask more questions; such as why is luck working against my desired outcome? Is there something I can change to make it spin more favorably? Is there another path?

The Wheel of Fortune is also a great card to work into your magic spells, as it does represent the element of luck! Incorporating it into our magical workings is an invitation to the Fates to join you on your journey to becoming. We can do so by placing the card on our working altar, or by meditating on it during our spell activation. This act of inviting the Fates into our work gives them permission to guide us, which isn't always an easy thing to allow; for the fates look at the big picture and have little concern with the comfort of the moment.

The Wheel of Fortune helps us to remember that we are part of a bigger plan, even if we are just cogs! While few of us will have lives that play an obvious effect on the greater world, all of us affect the world around us. With this in mind, the randomness of The Wheel of Fortune looks far less random. The Wheel is a powerful card, representing that which has the ability to make a change and create opportunity where it is least expected. If The Wheel of Fortune is showing up in your readings, take some time to really meditate on it. Ask how it trying to steer you, what direction is it leading you in? If luck keeps coming up in opposition to your desired goal look for the side doors, the opportunities you are missing while focused on that which you want. If it's coming up in your favor...well, hot damn! Get on that shit because the universe is behind you, and luck is adding her blessing to your path.

spreading love-salicrow

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE is part of a 22 part series that you can find here on my blog-


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