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Psychic Evolution….Part 2 Proof & Protection

With the growing number of people waking up & having Psychic experiences the question becomes…How do we adapt?

Last week in Psychic Evolution, Part 1…I talked about the various reasons why people are waking up, from Genetics to Quantum Physics the reasons behind the shift are many.  That being said the more practical question becomes “What do we do now?”  Waking up for many is not easy.  We have been raised and trained to believe that in order for something to be REAL it has to be proven by science.  But in reality Quantum Physics is just now proving things that Psychics & Sensitives have known for centuries.  Now I am not dissing the need for proof, in fact I am a skeptic by nature.  If you tell me you can do something, you better be able to prove it.  A good healthy skepticism is important in this ever evolving world we live in.  It teaches us to question the world around us and determine for ourselves what we believe to be true.  With a questioning mind we can wade into the unseen world  not as a doubter but as a researcher…looking for proof.

First of all there are many different types of  Psychic knowing.  EMPATHY is the ability to perceive the emotions of others.  TELEPATHY  is the ability to read the thoughts of others.  PROPHESY  is the ability to predict future events.   Empathy is the most common form of Psychic ability and often the first to develop, but many people will find themselves experiencing more then one of these abilities.

In developing your abilities the first steps are to gain proof you are having the experience, figure out how often it is happening & what your personal language is.  My number one tool for this would be a Journal…keep track of your thoughts, dreams and insights and make sure you review it often.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear from people that they sometimes know things before they happen, or feel things about people.  But when asked to give examples they often cannot, or can only come up with one or two examples of something that is happening to them often.   The journal works in two ways.  1…It gives you proof.   You begin to see how often these experiences are happening, it no longer becomes this happens to me sometimes but this happens to me once a week…once a month, every day.  2.  You start to develop your own language.  By keeping a journal you not only see how often something happens to you, but what are the keys to your own personal language.  I personally like a plain notebook with a caption on the side.  This gives you room to make notes of your successes and conclusions.

Along with proof that what your experiencing is true, the other most important factor in Psychic Evolution is mental stability and control.  Often people feel overwhelmed or tormented by their abilities.  I see Psychic abilities as a gift, but without proper control it can certainly feel like a curse.  Lets take a look at Empathy, as it is the most common form of Psychic knowing.  To be Empathic means you pick up other peoples emotions.  This can be down right overwhelming and often the Empathic person does not realize what their own emotions are and what belongs to others.  Number one factor here is to check in with yourself often.  Start when you first wake up in the morning…before leaving your room, do a quick check in…register your feelings.  Are you feeling happy, sad, etc.  Then do the same thing about 15 minutes after coming into contact with others at breakfast, bus stop or workplace.  If your emotions are different, take a quick look around and see who you think these emotions belong to.  You do not need to point your finger and yell across the room, simply acknowledge that they are not your emotions.  If it is a friend of yours you can ask them how they are doing and again keep track in your journal your conclusions right or wrong.  After determining the emotions are not yours, take a deep breathe through your nose and exhale fully through your nose imagining the alien emotions leaving your body.  This takes practice, but it works well.  Soon you will be doing it without thinking about it.  This not only gives you a deeper sense of self, but makes it a bit easier for Empathic folks to be in crowds.

Tune in next week folks for the 3rd & final blog entry on Psychic Evolution…Developing your Personal language.

Spreading love-Salicrow

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