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Psychic Evolution…part 1 of a 3 part blog series


I have spent the last 24 years of my life Reading people. As a psychic seer I have looked at and into peoples lives, seen where there path would take them and where they have been. One of the things that I have noticed over the last few years is that the number of people experiencing “psychic” phenomenon is increasing. When I first started doing Psychic Home Parties I would see maybe one person in 9 that had some kind of psychic ability…Some sort of opening into the world outside of the normal what’s on the news tonight mentality. In the last 5 years however I have noticed a growing number of people who are seeing, hearing and experiencing that which is not yet explained by science. I cant help but wonder if this is the next step in evolution, are we becoming a more empathic race? Are we opening up our minds and souls to the unseen world of spirit, collectively changing how we communicate and reestablishing what we believe is real?

There are so many thoughts that run through my mind on this subject. Is it simply breeding….that there are more of us who have genetic connection to ancestors with psychic ability? Or is it a matter of the 100 monkey philosophy? Are we reaching a critical mass point where the percentage of the population with psychic abilities are going to push the rest over the threshold? Still more thoughts, like what if it is directly influenced by what we are watching on the big screen…we all want mutant super powers and are somehow pushing ourselves in that direction, that would be a quantum science answer to it…we are willing ourselves to be psychic. And yet another thought is what if it has to do with the changing of the earths gravitational field & the polar caps melting? My mind is ever spinning, which I am sure those of you who know me are not surprised by…that means I have been thinking about this particular question a lot. I guess I believe it is all of the above.

The genetic part is interesting, there are some scientist out there now who are studying the brains of people who are psychic, mapping out the action of the brain activity when people are performing psychic acts such as divination, spirit communication and energetic healing. By no means do they have it all figured out, but they are starting to look at the fact that there is unusual activity in the brain of people when displaying psychic actions. That being said you could see how our gene pool would play a significant part. I for one know that my family has a strong psychic line from my fathers paternal grandmother. In my living family one of my sisters is also strongly psychic as well as some of our children, cousins and other relatives. Seeing how I believe in reincarnation, and know that I have been psychic for as many lives as I can remember its fair to say that I chose what family I wanted to be born into. Did I choose them for the genetic help or was it for the fostering of my gifts …I believe a bit of both. But the point still remains many times if a person is displaying natural psychic ability they can look into their family line and find some ancestor who also shared their gift.

The 100 monkey…there is a story about monkeys and sweet potatoes that is quite interesting. A group of scientist dropped sweet potatoes into the sand on an island. The monkeys there ate them covered in sand until one monkey decided to clean her sweet potato in the salt water of the sea. She then taught the other monkeys and soon all the monkeys on the island were doing the same. The interesting part is that later when they dropped the sweet potatoes on another island the monkeys there went and dunked their sweet potatoes in the salt water too. There is a theory that when we reach a critical mass of taught behavior we push our entire species over into that change. This is an exciting way to look at things. Another tidbit that compliments this a fact about tuned violins. If you have two tuned violins in a room and begin to play one, the other will start to make noise too as it vibrates with the first. Energetically I believe we do the same. We are more and more often coming into contact with people who have psychic abilities, whether it be in person or on television. Like those tuned violins we are raising our vibration to that of those around us. And like the monkeys as we reach a critical mass we are seeing more and more of our kind waking up.

Quantum physics has proven that thought matters, in quantum theory what we believe directly has an effect on what is. Quantum scientist did an experiment in which they tested to see if light particles shot through a board with 3 holes in it would make a wave pattern or 3 separate spots on the back wall. What they found was if the people watching the experiment believed it would be a wave pattern it was, if the people watching believed it would be separate spots it was. Their thoughts directly effected the experiment. That being said if we are obsessed with movies and books in which people have unusual psychic powers and are more then the average human, are we calling that to ourselves? And its not just on the fictional level that we are seeing these things. Thanks to people like John Edwards we are seeing everyday people coming forward on TV saying and proving that they have psychic gifts. Now lets look at the fact that people who are now in their 40’s and 50’s grew up watching shows about super heroes and reading comic books. They spent their formative years fantasizing about having those abilities themselves. And then they had kids and so on and so forth.

The last bit of my ramble is on the environment. The polar caps are shifting, due North is not quite in the same location it was years ago and the Earths axis is tilting a bit. Now I am not a scientist, and will not get into the amount of in which it is tipping or whether or not global warming has a direct effect on our spirits…but I will say this- environment has often been one of the leading causes of evolution. Things change because the place they live in is changing. And everyone can see our world is changing. It may just be that the side effect of this physical change of Gaia is having an effect on us as a species. We need to be more empathic so we can survive. Empathy is the ability to intellectually or emotionally connect with others. In laymen terms it simply means to feel what another is feeling. Psychic empathy is a developed form of empathy in which your ability to feel another’s emotions is heightened, often to the point where they cannot hide their true feelings from you.

I could go on and on about the subject of psychic evolution. I am excited to see the world and her people as we evolve into our next incarnation. I would love to hear your thoughts, theories and questions on this subject.

Spreading love- salicrow

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