My Gypsy Heart


As a Druid I believe in the Spirit of Place or the Genii Loci.  I believe that all places have an energy about them that is alive.  When I go anywhere this is what I am looking to connect with…city, town or countryside there is an energy that belongs to the place itself.

Yesterday I visited the city of Tarpon Springs, FL.  It is a beautiful, Greek community along the Gulf of Mexico.  The thing I loved most about it was the culture.  The people were so friendly and connected.  They were connected to each other, the city they live in and the land itself.  Tarpon Springs is city of Sponge Fisherman that has built up a fun, tourist town around their lifestyle.  I was taken in by the way th


Embrace the world, experience the people, allow yourself to see the places your visit with the heart of a Gypsy.  There is magic in the world, everywhere…..

spreading love-salicrow

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