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Message’s from Spirit…Can you call my wife?

Years ago I was asked by a client, how Spirits could get me to talk to their Living.  My answer was clear-I do not approach the Living on the request of the Dead, if a Spirit wants me to talk to their Living they need to get their loved ones to contact me.  Experience has proven to me that some people are not ready or able to receive messages from Spirit.  I take it as a matter of personal responsibility  to be thoughtful in my actions around Spirit and therefore I have chosen to be one sided in the clients who hire me & they must be alive.  This does not mean I do not honor and respect the Dead, it simply means the appointment needs to be made by the living.   This simple statement has resulted in some interesting connections, the first taking years to play out.

I have been a Medium my entire life and am from a family of Psychics.  That being said being a natural Medium and a working Medium are not exactly the same.  For me to get to the place I am now; in which I speak to peoples Beloved Dead multiple times a week, I had to open.  This opening which I refer to as the ‘November Experience’ happened when I was 30 years old.  I went from being aware of Spirits and being able to communicate with them with the aid of tools (such as Ouija boards) to having them in my head talking to me all the time.  It was a pretty profound adjustment that really made me question my sanity.  During the November Incident I was  woken for nights in a row by the Spirit of a man who was from a few towns away from me.  He was a truck driver who had a heart attack & drove into a lake.  He never made it home and desperately wanted me to talk to his wife and tell her he was ok.  I explained to him that I did not feel comfortable calling his wife (a person I did not know) and asking her if her husband was dead & further more telling her he was talking to me at night.  1st of all I had not started my work as a Public Medium and wasn’t even sure I ever wanted to.  I was comfortable with Reading peoples future, but was not ready to let people connect to their Beloved Dead through me.  After nights of telling this Spirit that I could not/would not call his wife, I told him if he really needed to talk to her he would need to find a different way.  Years went by… I became comfortable with my ability to communicate with Spirits and their Living, but I still held firm to the fact that I did not want to approach the Living by request of the Dead.   The appointments could only be made one way, a Living client making contact with me.

One afternoon I was doing a private session for a man who was hoping to hear from his best friend.  Shortly into the session I realized that I was communicating with the same truck driver who had been so insistent that I get a message through to his wife.  As much as the session meant to his friend, it was the Spirit who was truly thankful for he would finally be able to get his message through to his wife.  I am always surprised at the effort a Spirit will go through to get a message through to their loved ones who are still alive.  It is a true testament to the power of Love.

Love is such an amazing emotion… it endures through the veil.  It stays in the hearts of the living who miss their Beloved Dead and it lingers in the soul of those who have crossed into Spirit.  I am honored to be the messenger of so many messages of Love and amazed at the effort put into communicating the Dead extends.  Thanks for listening folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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