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Infused by the Moon

'Drawing Down the Moon' is a practice used by many contemporary witches in which the witch enters a deep trance state, under the full moon, in order to channel the triple goddess. While this practice is generally done in a group working, with a lot of pomp and circumstance, there is a simpler format we can all utilize from our back yard.

The Moon is the second largest astronomical body we interact with consistently. It has an effect on our moods, as well as the flow of women's monthly cycle. Teachers, counselors, and medical professionals can all attest to the power of the moon; seeing it affects first hand monthly. When we intentionally use this energy instead of allowing it to use us we find that regular check in's with the moon while it's full become a great way to charge our energetic body, expand our consciousness, and grow as magical practitioners.

Most of you know how to charge your crystal under the full moon, and many of you have become acquainted with Moon Water over the last year or so, and have diligently begun leaving out water when the moon is full. (Simply place a glass or bowl of water under the full moon overnight to infuse it; spring water is best for this, as well as any water collected from a sacred location. Moon Water can be used in spells and potions and to energize your own body by drinking it, if potable.) Infusing oneself with the Full Moon is another technique for your personal Book of Shadows.

A Book of Shadows is a sacred journal in which we record all of our magical workings. Here is a link to my FREE downloadable workshop on creating your own book of shadows.

The Moon was full yesterday, but we can work Full Moon Magic three days before it's full and up to three days after. The March full moon is known as the Worm Moon, Sap Moon, Sugar Moon, and my favorite the Crow Moon.

INFUSED BY THE MOON- For this simple technique, you will want to go outside if at all possible, if not find a seat in your home with good exposure to the moon that you can sit in front of.

YOU WILL WANT- Dress in comfortable clothing (layers this time of year) while at the same time make you feel special/magical. Your book of shadows or sacred journal, an altar-candle, sacred items, crystals, your vessel for moon water if you like, incense, etc.

  1. Set up your altar with the knowledge that you are creating sacred space. Altars are a place of focus and the items on them should be there to help us keep our intentions streamlined on our work.

  2. Lighting your candle and incense as you call in your personal spiritual allies (ancestors, deities, elemental spirits).

  3. Imagine there is a small dot of white light in the center of your chest at your heart chakra. With every inhale imagine you are drawing in the energy, with every exhale visualize white light expanding out around you in a sphere; above your head, below your feet, around your body, as you infuse your aura with your protective intentions.

  4. Sitting facing the moon with your altar in front of you; if possible, take a few moments to just look at it, as you center your breathing.

  5. State your name and the intentions of your work. "I am Salicrow, and I open my energetic body to the Moon that I may be infused with your energy".

  6. Paying close attention to your third eye face the moon and begin to imagine you are pulling in the moon's light through your third-eye; that it is stimulating your pineal gland. Keep your breathing deep and intentional, imagining you are literally pulling the energy in on every inhale. As you exhale imagine you are releasing the blocks that keep you from your full potential, that the moonlight is literally infusing you and opening your consciousness. (Do this for about 5 minutes)

  7. Now move up to your crown as you continue to breathe deeply and intentionally. As you focus on your crown allow yourself to feel (or imagine-energetic sensitivity comes with time, in the beginning, our imagination does a lot of the work) the energy infusing first the top of your head and then penetrating your being in a soft silver light that moves down from your crown through your whole body. (Do this for about 5-10 minutes).

  8. Thank the Moon for its aid and write down your experiences in your Book of Shadows. You will most likely feel energized and have a more focused sense of clarity. This exercise can be done whenever the moon is full!

Enjoy the Moon folks! If your interested in learning more about magic make sure to check out Salicrow's School of Magic here online-

spreading love-salicrow

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