Honoring the Dead & Healing the Soul


It is not uncommon for my work as a Medium to involve counseling or mediation between the living and the Beloved Dead.  In death our emotions get dulled down a bit, they are not as acute and overwhelming as they can be in life.  We are also removed from the everyday stresses of life such as finances & health.  We are able to sit back and look at the things we have experienced with a less critical lense.   We also are blessed with the ability to see all that we are.  I personally believe in re-incarnation and see that Spirits connect with all of their lives when they pass into Spirit.  This helps because we are not just saddled with our latest life that may be filled with pain and failure.  We are complete and full and more able to find balance.  This does not mean we are suddenly free of the burdens we carried in our latest life.  We still see ourselves through our living loved ones  and witness how our actions have effected others and the love that people held for us.  For some souls this is hugely important as they truly do not see their value or the love others have for them.  This is particularly true for those who suffer from depression and addiction.

So how can we help?

Like I said…our Beloved Dead spend quite a bit of time watching over the ones they loved.  When we give honor to them we are helping their souls to heal.  When we talk to them, they hear us.   If you feel weird about this then do it in your car where no one else can hear you.  Talk to them.  Tell them the good and the bad.  They need to hear how they hurt you and the unspoken pain that you carried.  They need to hear how much you worried about them, how much you hoped and still hope that their souls find peace.  They need to know that their lives mattered to you.  We can not fully express this if we are afraid to be real, if we sugar coat things and ignore our emotions.  When we have watched a loved one destroy themselves with drug addiction, we suffer….we worry, we pray and we beg for them to find help.  So speak to them often, talk to them of the good memories you have of them, the times when their light shined through so bright that their illness was dimmed for a time.


spreading love-salicrow

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