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Crossing the Veil

This Saturday my sister Sandy Crow and I will host our annual Crossing the Veil ceremony.  Like many pagan folk the approach of Samhain or Halloween is a sacred time in which we connect deeply with our Beloved Dead.  Our alters our laden with pictures and memorabilia of our loved ones past.  This Ancestor honoring began early in the month of October and will last until about Thanksgiving for me.  As a Medium I spend a lot of my time between the worlds, one foot across the Veil so to speak on a regular basis.  That being said, I still feel a special connection during the Halloween season when the Veil is thinnest.

What is the Veil?

When Mediums or Mystics refer to the Veil, they are talking about the non visible barrier that separates the realm of the living from that of the dead.  Like a thin curtain, it is a fine barrier…one in which we can see through if we try.   Like a thin curtain it is easier to see through looking out then in.  We can look through our curtains to see what is happening in the outside world, but it is much harder for those outside to see in.  In this analogy, we are on the outside looking in.  It is much easier for our Beloved Dead to look out on us, then it is for us to look in on them.  I really don’t have an answer to the why of this particular scenario.   Perhaps it is because we on the outside world have a lot going on, lots of distractions and things to do…and those on the inside, having crossed over into Spirit, have more time for observation.  Mediums are people who have a particular knack for looking in and seeing that which is harder to perceive…the world of the Dead.

Why seek communication with the Dead?

This is a good question with lots of answers.  For most people, seeking communion with the Dead comes from a feeling of loss.  We miss our family, friends and loved ones who have crossed into Spirit and want to feel them, hear them & spend time with them.  For others it is a search for answers.  What happens when we die?  Do we still exist?  Where do we go?  The where do we go bit is pretty complex.  In all my time as a Medium, I have yet to meet anyone who has been to Heaven or Hell.  That is not to say, I do not believe these places exist.  I simply do not believe it is a one stop shop…We do not get just one life, in which we either succeed and head to Heaven, or fail miserably and take the express train to Hell.  From my conversations with Spirits (of which there has been many), I have gleamed a deeper belief in Reincarnation.  I believe when we die we go to an between place.  A place where we revisit the events of our life and look out the window if you will…at those we have shared our life with.  We often wait for the ones we have loved before reincarnating so that we can share time and space again with those who are part of our soul family.  Some Spirits do have jobs, like Adam (my doorman/guardian spirit) who works with me when I do Spirit Communication.  Often Spirits will take on the job of watching over those that they love…as a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel.  For whatever reason people seek communion from the Dead, when it is received it is often accompanied by  a deep feeling of healing.

Crossing the Veil Ceremony-

The Crossing the Veil ceremony is one of my favorite events of the year.  I do a lot of Seances (small group spirit communication) in which I sit with a family or small group of friends and deliver messages.  Seances are powerful and filled with emotion, but they are not as interactive.  In general a Seance involves a Medium passing messages from the Beloved Dead to the Living.  The Crossing the Veil Ceremony allows for living people to honor their loved ones in Spirit by sharing stories, emotions and gratitude.  In return Beloved Dead are given time to share and commune with their loved ones who are alive through the voice of a Medium.  As I am the Medium working these ceremonies, I know how grateful our loved ones are for the offerings we give them and love we express.  My sister Sandy Crow is a ceremonial priestess who has studied many cultures and weaves together a ceremony that is truly filled with love and gives each person the opportunity to feel connected.  We all die…and learning to honor the Dead without stepping on the toes of your neighbor is a special treat.  Sandy’s skill in this is nothing short of remarkable.

We start the evening by allowing guest to set up their own items on the Alter…items may include pictures, jewelry, knick knacks, personal items of memorabilia and  indigestibles (food-special goodies, drink, tobacco, etc.).  When the alters are set we gather around to begin our own journey between worlds.  Often this involves rattles, drums and voice to help us shift our minds a little.  During the ceremony guest are welcome to give honor to members of their family (friends & loved ones) and give thanks and blessings for their contribution to their lives.  Guest learn to open their third eye chackra so that they too may experience (see, feel, know, smell) the presence of Spirit.  I then deliver messages to as many people as I can.  Due to the nature of the ceremony and the amount of people present I cannot guarantee a personal message for everyone present.   Messages delivered however are clear, concise and filled with emotion.

Details on attending this years ceremony…Crossing the Veil 2014

Saturday, October 25th 6pm-9pm   FEE-$60

422 Emerson falls Road, Apt. 2B, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

Contact-Salicrow 802-473-2907 or Sandy Crow 802-472-0996

Dress in something that makes you feel beautiful, remember you are honoring your Beloved Dead.  Bring items for your Ancestor Alter-pictures, memorabilia, goodies, etc.

spreading love-salicrow

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