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Communication from the Beloved Dead

The Beloved Dead our the Spirits of dead ancestors, loved ones, and guides. They are those who share a bond with us. Often they are close by watching over us, trying to get our attention in any way they can. Like the living, they have varied communication skills, making it harder for some to make contact, as the way we communicate in life is similar to how we make contact in death. Those who are extroverted in life are more likely to speak to us telepathically, sharing information and stories through words spoken in our minds. Introverted folks, tend to communicate through imagery and emotions, making communicating with these spirits a bit more like a sophisticated game of charades. Spirit Communication is like a dance, in which every dance partner plays a part in the working; making those who struggled to express themselves a bit more challenging to understand.

For the untrained sensitive or developing medium, spirit communication comes in bits and spurts, showing up when there is a spirit persistently working on getting our attention. This communication happens more often in the middle of the night; around 3 am when Ley Lines (the energetic lines that surround the earth like a web) are reflecting the most solar radiation, and when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest; around Halloween/Samhain and Beltaine/May 1st. However, if the person receiving the communication has a natural ability as a medium this could happen at any time! Through training, this ability can be developed making communication clearer, and more timely.

When a spirit is trying desperately to get our attention it will seek moments when there is more energy to work with so it can put on a bigger display. Moving items, and making audible noise takes a lot of energy, which means if this is happening around you someone is really trying to get your attention. That being said it is always wise to eliminate real-world causes before we jump to the conclusion that its a spirit, including the fact that people with mental illness and teenagers going through puberty can emit a lot of kinetic energy, and can create similar disturbances when they feel they are not being seen, heard, or understood. With this in mind, check the physical world options off before looking for a spiritual one.

Spirits are clever! They often will work with one or two ways of communication until they see something is working. It is also important to note that not all spirits are interested in communication. In their cleverness, they will direct their energy at their loved ones in opportune moments hoping that a connection will be made. When a song comes on the radio and we suddenly feel the presence of our dead father, it is not because he had the DJ play it, but instead, when the song came on they took the opportunity to direct their energy at us helping you make the connection. When using symbols it is the same thing, they direct their energy like a spotlight helping us to recognize they are around.

When a spirit speaks to us in our mind, if we are untrained and untrusting we will likely think we are remembering them or that it is wishful thinking...but most of the time it is not! Removing the words maybe, kind of, and think- so from our experiences with spirit will help us to have more of them, and to build a deeper understanding of how our Beloved Dead speak to us. Like the living they are unique and while they may try similar things to the next spirit, they generally all have their own way of doing so. Keep a Book of Shadows (sacred journal) of your experiences, go over it every couple of weeks, and look for the patterns. Now is the time; when the veil is at its thinnest, to make contact. Set up an altar, spend time talking to your Beloved Dead, and listen...

spreading love-salicrow


Individual Sessions, Small Groups, and Spirit Galleries-


SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium's Guide to Death and Dying



The Initiation and Art of a Spirit Speaker

-a memoir-

Amazon Customer Review-

More than just a memoir, I found Sali’s book to be a so special guide on my path. While I have met several mentors along my journey to opening as a psychic/medium/shamanic practitioner, few mentors have shared as openly or thoroughly about their experiences as Sali did in this book. I really appreciate the candid glimpses I had into Sali’s life and how she shared so honestly. I found myself crying at multiple times while reading, as I was moved by the story, Sali’s passion and courage, and other parts that were more of a soul recognition or remembrance that touched me deeply. Thank you for taking the time to put this together, Sali, and thanks for being willing to serve Spirit and humanity in such a beautiful way.


A Wyrd Woman's Book of Shadows

Book Review Pagan Ireland magazine-

This book is a formidable study material with a wealth of information, for those who wish to discover the path of elemental magic. This book gathers personal experience, ancestral wisdom, and profound teachings, rituals, and practices, while accessible to everyone’s understanding. The author’s passion and authenticity will take you by the hand from the moment you turn the first page. I was impressed by the body of work gathered into the making of this precious publication, by the author’s brilliant mind. This is a guidebook for practitioners of any level in this field, from beginners to more advanced levels. I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to understand the true nature of this world and meet with the beautiful and powerful presences who inhabit the invisible. Magic is real, it is only at a reach of the hand, and this book is the bridge to a world of wonders.

You will learn who the elementals are and how to communicate and work with them, to deepen your relationship with nature, and experience a journey that will give you the tools to reshape your own reality.

Elena Danaan, Pagan Ireland Magazine


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