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Brrr….it’s Cold Outside

Winter is not my favorite season; nor is it my least,  I have a relationship with Winter that is amicable.  As a general rule I enjoy Winter for the accessories… That’s right, I enjoy winter for the hats, gloves, neck warmers, socks and sweaters of it.  I love the cozy feeling Winter brings about, that makes you want to nestle in with a good book & a hot cup of coffee.  I am most thankful to Winter for the Awen.  Awen is the Spirit of Creativity.  It is the essence of being, the spark of imagination and the insight of dreams.  That being said-this subzero, grey light dreariness of January I could do without.

On days like today; where @ 1800′ I am deep in the clouds I feel like Mr. Badger.  I want to burrow deep into the earth, wear my pajamas all day & grunt at people who come a visiting.  Left to myself I am fine enough company, though I can scarcely tell if I should be waking up or going to sleep.  In times like this; when I feel no desire whatsoever to leave my home, the Awen is almost tangible.  I feel like my brain is on download, spinning with ideas.  So I write a lot & I draw a bit and I jot down a lot of notes.

Living life by the seasons is a magical thing.  When we allow ourselves to go with the flow of Nature we are provided with just what we need.  I need these quiet months of sweaters and snuzzling to refuel my dreams.  I need the reflective time when things are slow and quiet.  I need the grace of Awen.  So I surrender to Mr. Badger and will endure the month of January as best as I can; writing, drawing and dreaming….grumble, grumble.

spreading love-salicrow

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