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Brrr….it’s Cold Outside

Mr. Badger

On days like today; where @ 1800′ I am deep in the clouds I feel like Mr. Badger.  I want to burrow deep into the earth, wear my pajamas all day & grunt at people who come a visiting.  Left to myself I am fine enough company, though I can scarcely tell if I should be waking up or going to sleep.  In times like this; when I feel no desire whatsoever to leave my home, the Awen is almost tangible.  I feel like my brain is on download, spinning with ideas.  So I write a lot & I draw a bit and I jot down a lot of notes.

Living life by the seasons is a magical thing.  When we allow ourselves to go with the flow of Nature we are provided with just what we need.  I need these quiet months of sweaters and snuzzling to refuel my dreams.  I need the reflective time when things are slow and quiet.  I need the grace of Awen.  So I surrender to Mr. Badger and will endure the month of January as best as I can; writing, drawing and dreaming….grumble, grumble.

spreading love-salicrow

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